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Outreach and Corporate Visits (OCV)

The Outreach and Corporate Visits are field trips organized by the Outreach and Civic Engagement unit at LAU to give the chance to LAU students to explore various institutions in terms of work environment and civic engagement.

From a corporate perspective, leading companies, firms, and factories in various industries will be visited to familiarize the students with different work environments and to give them the chance to explore potential job markets.

From a civic engagement perspective, students will be introduced to different non-state actors. They will get the chance not only to volunteer but also to explore NGOs and engage with the civil society in various aspects of community service.

So far, the following activities were organized under the OCV program:

Visit to Gandour Factory 

LAU students attended an informative tour/visit to Gandour Factory. Gandour is a family business that offers an extensive range of products including confectioneries, baked goods, cocoa-based products and vegetable oils. Ghandour team shared with the students their core mission, as well as their vision, and values of commitment, continuity, effectiveness, quality, and responsibility. Moreover, they briefed them about the upcoming project and Gandour’s potential involvement.

Visit to Pepsi Co.

USP scholars visited Pepsi Factory. A guide took them on a tour and informed them about the history of Pepsi Co., various brands and quality measures taken at the factory. The scholars observed how the production cycle and process works where a lot of machines are operating 24/7 with a three shift workforce

Visit to ICRC 

LAU students attended an interactive informative session at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Beirut. The ICRC is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence. The purpose of this visit was to promote a better understanding of modern humanitarian challenges and to explore how to improve humanitarian policy & action, and increase respect for international humanitarian law.

Visit to MEA

USP scholars visited Middle East Airlines (MEA), toured various departments, and got the chance to sit in an airplane. The scholars enjoyed the tour around MEA premises and described this visit as very educational, interactive, and interesting.

Visit to LOYAC:
USP scholars visited LOYAC and attended workshops, such as Healthy Lifestyle workshops, Mob-Art workshops, Creative Drama workshops, 1 on 1 coaching, Overcoming Limitations workshops, LinkedIn workshops, and design thinking workshops. Scholars expressed their interest in volunteering with LOYAC, as well in partnering to implement their community service project. LOYAC is a non-profit organization working towards the overall development of the youth.

Visit to An Nahar Newspaper:
The students got introduced to the journalism industry at An Nahar where they toured the different departments and met an investigative journalist who explained to the students the process of newspaper editing and publication. He explained how the news takes the way from the moment of occurrence to the published words including all the challenges and difficulties. The current situation of Lebanese newspaper industry and transition to the electronic format was also a major point tackled during the lecture.

Visit to Fanar Psychiatric Hospital:
The students had the chance to tour all the facilities of the hospital and meet with the nurses and the patients. Being psychology students, all the scholars found it really interesting and challenging to talk to the patients. They inquired about the psychological treatments they are receiving, in addition to learning from the nurses about the mental illnesses that the patients suffer from.  

Visit to M.T.V.:
The students had the chance to tour all Beirut Media Zone’ studios including the Studio Vision production company and the M.T.V. They were introduced to the technical work “behind the scene” and learned how the shows are being produced. They also had the chance to access the live morning show program studio.

 Visit to Hawwat Woods:
The students had the chance to tour the factory of Hawat Woods in Fidar and got introduced to the production line from A to Z. The students also visited the storage hangars whereby they checked the different types of wood (Swedish, African, Romanian, German, Russian, and Lebanese) from different trees (Oak, Walnut, Cedar etc.).

Visit to Sursock Museum:
The students had the chance to tour the museum and its library and examine the various galleries including the Assadour’s Landscape in Motion, Genadry’s The Fall, and the permanent museum’s galleries which include abstract and portrait paintings).

Visit to Pepsi Co.:
The students had the chance to tour the factory of Pepsi in Choueifat and got introduced to the production line from A to Z. The students also visited the Quality Control laboratories and learned about the food safety measures of the factory. 

Visit to the Children Cancer Center in Lebanese Geitawi Hospital:
The students entertained around 20 children cancer patients with activities, music, dance, and gifts .

Visit to Bonheur du Ciel rehabilitation center in Maaysra:
The students got introduced to the work of the center in terms of accommodating drug addicts and helping them rehabilitate spiritually and physically.
They also had the chance to discover and sightsee the Monastery of Saint Antonios, in which they were greeted by Father Elias Shekri who gave the student a glimpse of the history of the Monastery and insights about the museum and its assets. The lecture was followed by a tour in the monastery and its museum which holds the First Printing Press in the Middle East as well as many cultural objects and vestments.

Reforestation Campaign with the Lebanese Reforestation Initiative (LRI):
55 LAU Students participated through the OCV in the planting day with the Lebanese Reforestation Initiative (LRI) in Maaser El Chouf that was organized as part of the #لتضل_عالعلم  national awareness campaign for this year. More than 1,600 Volunteers gathered at the top of the Maasser el Chouf Mountain to create an extended human chain and plant 5,000 Cedar seedlings. Standing hand-in-hand at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level, the human chain highlighted the new elevation of the tree line of the Maasser El Chouf Cedars Forest and sent a clear message on the need for all communities to work together to plant trees and combat climate change.


Beach Cleaning Campaign with Operation Big Blue:
18 LAU students had the chance to take part in the beach cleaning campaign aiming at the preservation and protection of the Lebanese coastal and marine zones and their respective biodiversity at Ramlet El Bayda beach in Beirut.

Visit to Gibran Museum & Museum of Saint Antonios Monastery – Qozhaya:
46 LAU students explored the famous Gibran Museum in which reside 440 original paintings and drawings of Gibran and his tomb. The museum also includes his furniture and belongings from his studio when he lived in New York City and his private manuscripts.

Visit to ABC Head Office:
9 LAU USP scholars attended an engaging session at the ABC Head Office and met with development specialists at ABC.

Visit to MTV studio:
10 LAU USP scholars attended an informative session at MTV studio and with “Menna w Jorr” staff who exposed the students to different technicalities that happen behind the scenes. LAU students seized this opportunity to inquire about internship positions and future work opportunities and to ask questions relevant to their academics.

Visit to Spinneys:

LAU students started off the day by meeting the Supply Manager of Spinney’s Supermarket, Mr. Charbel Keyrouz who explained his work and responsibilities as a supply manager. He distributed handouts to the students in order to explain the process of food orders and how fresh food orders are managed, to avoid expiry. They also toured the depots and learned about the system of promotion pricing and display rental. 

Visit to Pierre Sadek exhibition:
LAU students enjoyed the two hours visit at both, Pierre Sadek exhibition and Sursock museum. Besides enjoying the photographs and paintings, they also read enriching information on the history of Lebanon.

Visit to Banque du Liban museum:

On Thursday March 29, 2018, LAU students visited Banque Du Liban Museum. Upon arrival, students met with Ms. Sonia Harb, the museum manager, who introduced them briefly to the BDL Museum and the history of banking and currency in Lebanon. This visit included a comprehensive tour where they saw different collections of old monies and international coins. It also included interactive games related to the Lebanese currency. Students where gifted a set of old Lebanese coins and described their visit as enriching and exceptional.

Visit to Middle East Airlines (MEA):

On April 10th, 2018, LAU students visited Middle East Airlines (MEA) headquarters. Upon arrival, Mrs. Lina Tabbara, the head of Public Relations (PR) at MEA, welcomed the scholars and introduced them to the various departments of the airline company. Later on, students got the chance to tour the departments and learn about the services offered. The departments mentioned include the Call Center, Operations Department, cafeteria, Information Technology (IT) Department, and the MEA’s Training Center, where students were exposed to the available training facilities.

Visit to Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International (LBCI):

On April 26, 2018, eighteen LAU students visited LBCI during the filming of a recorded episode of the program “هوا الحرية” with Joe Maalouf. Upon arrival, students met with Mr. Ali Rifai, a content producer on the program, who welcomed them and debriefed them about the steps required for shooting a live or a recorded episode. After the quick introduction, Mr. Rifai took the students and showed them around the backstage area and around the studio where Mr. Maalouf joined them. During the show, the students were taken in groups of three to the prompter’s room where they learned how the show is controlled from behind the scenes when the camera is rolling.

Visit to Human Rights Watch:


Upon arrival, we met with Mr. Charbel Salloum, a research assistant at Human Rights Watch who introduced us in detail on the history of Human Rights Watch, countries they work in, and topics they cover such as arms, business, children’s rights, disability rights, environment, free speech, health, international justice, migrants, refugees, terrorism and torture, and women rights. The scholars then watched a 7 minute video further illustrating Human Rights Watch in the field and their media exposure on CNN, BBC, and other big international media channels. Three very knowledgeable, on-field speakers shared their very risky and interesting experiences with us. The students were very interested and amazed by the fantastic, wide experience and knowledge the speakers have and asked a lot of questions. Scholars then were invited to apply for an internship opportunity in their offices.

Visit to Ajialouna:

The purpose of our visit is to get to know the NGOs in our community. LAU scheduled a visit to Ajialouna; a non-profit organization engaged in charitable, cultural, social, healthcare, and educational programs. Upon arrival, we met with Ms. Rasha Seoud, the marketing executive, who introduced the scholars in details to the mission, vision, and values of Ajialouna. Ms. Seoud then escorted us on a tour around Ajialouna premises across different departments.The scholars expressed interest in their mission and activities, and offered their willingness to volunteer in their departments by next week!

Visit to Children’s Cancer Center:

Upon arrival, we met Ms. Aya Khairallah, the fundraising coordinator at CCCL, who introduced the scholars in details on the essence of its mission in supporting all children battling cancer and their families by having access to the latest treatment disregarding the ability to pay, and providing excellent psychosocial services to help fight the disease. Ms. Khairallah stressed on the idea that patients are admitted to the center with no regard to race, religion, gender, or ability to pay. The scholars then were escorted to a tour through the sections of the center. The scholars were touched by their work and offered their willingness to volunteer and help in any upcoming event CCCL would undergo through volunteers’ orientation workshops.

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