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GC LAU MUN is a program that brings the UN culture of global awareness and the implementation of peaceful means for conflict resolution to the Lebanese High Schools, Middle Schools, and community at large. The program consists of training sessions that increase students’ cognition about the United Nations, research and interpretation skills, rules of procedure in a United Nations conference, writing a position paper, public speaking and role playing, conflict resolution and negotiations, caucusing and resolution writing, among others. By the end of these sessions, the students become delegates who take part in United Nations sessions’ simulations. The simulations occur over a two-day Final Conference where students play the role of Ambassadors in United Nations Committees and discuss respective current topics.

The LAU MUN High School program was first launched in 2005-2006 with 541 students from 76 participating schools. In 2010-2011, Global Classrooms (GC) LAU MUN inaugurated its Middle School program and today, the program has witnessed exponential growth in both the numbers of students and participating schools. In its 13th year, the LAU MUN program hosts more than 3,000 students from 194 participating schools during its training sessions and conference. Check the website

For the past 12 years, more than 1,900,000 hours of teaching peace building and diplomacy were offered to a total of 26,100 Middle School and High School students from around 194 schools throughout Lebanon and from selected schools in the Arab world. LAU’s deeply seated belief in the educational value of the MUN program from the pedagogical, cognitive and leadership point of view allowed it to recruit, train and empower more than 3,000 LAU student leaders so that, in their turn, they can spread.

The purpose of the program is to bring the UN culture of global awareness and to bridge the education gap through allowing students to step into the shoes of ambassadors in order to negotiate with fellow delegates the current world issues, to resolve conflicts, and to navigate the UN’s rules of procedure.

The Global Classrooms program in the Middle East has been officially and exclusively implemented by the Lebanese American University in Lebanon. In 2015, United Nations Foundation entrusted LAU with the ownership of the Global Classrooms International Model UN conferences in New York City beginning spring 2016. Two international conferences in New York City are held, one conference for Middle school students and a separate conference for High school participants. Over the past 16 years, these conferences have engaged more than 4,000 student leaders coming from around the world including Ivy League universities and more than 50,000 High school and Middle school students coming from 250 schools in 20 countries.

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