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Get to know your NGO

The objective of the program is to enlighten students and prospective graduates on the various work done by NGOs in Lebanon. The program consists of having LAU students coming from various majors to a site-visit to the NGO offices/field work, to get to know more about objective/mission statement and work methodology.Through this newly initiated program, students will be acquainted with the impact with the community at large.
The program schedule is to be over a period of 3 month (February, March, and April).
LAU students took part in this activity which aims  to enlighten them on the work done by SESOBEL, which includes assisting over 800 children suffering from intellectual and/or motor disabilities or form of autism. 
SESOBEL visit  
LAU students learned about the history of INSAN, vision, goals and the on-going projects. Also, they learned about the different challenges encountered and got access to the classes where Iraqi students aged between 12 to 14 years old were studying. 
Students enjoyed the visit saying: “This is my favorite activity so far”.  
INSAN Association visit
Upon arrival, students were greeted by all the staff and volunteers of Peace Of Art. The founder and CEO Mr. Majed Yehya gave a brief history of the region and the reason this NGO is thought to make a difference amongst the youth in the Bekaa. 
Piece of Art visit

Students met with the CEO of Animals Lebanon Mr. Jason Mier, who took them on a tour of the office and the shelters of the cats and dogs. He explained the work of Animals Lebanon in depth by covering their work to protect domestic animals as well as the wildlife of Lebanon. Due to their work alongside the municipalities and parliament they have implemented the first law of protection and welfare of Animals in Lebanon.

Animals Lebanon visit

During the two hours visit to Jusoor, students got the chance to join the kids in their classrooms and meet their teachers. In addition, they gained a detailed insight on the different projects hosted by the NGO, the schools methodology, vision and goals by Hany Chocair, the schools principle, who also explained possible internship and volunteering opportunities.

Jusoor Visit  



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