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BUS 299

The Adnan Kassar School of Business has introduced in Fall 2013 a mandatory zero credit civic engagement course entitled BUS 299 in the core requirements of the B.S. Business Studies program. The course is a guided service experience based on a plan designed by the School in cooperation with the Outreach and Civic Engagement unit.
The course has two components:

  • A two-day workshop on “Civic Engagement skill building and need assessment”
  • A minimum of 12 hours of documented community service experience

Students can enroll in the course in any semester provided they are in good academic standing.
OCE trained the trainers and is responsible for the assignment of the students in NGOs in order to fulfill the 12 hours volunteer work required for the course. So far OCE has secured thousands of volunteer positions through 44 NGOs across Lebanon.

For more information contact Dana Hibri Achi on +961.1.786456 ext. 1115

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