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Health education and campaigns

In addition to providing care, Health Services distributes information to encourage healthy living based on prevention. It does this through a variety of channels throughout the school year, by hosting on-campus health-awareness events and sponsoring campaigns, both of which provide a venue for guest experts to share their knowledge of current and sometimes sensitive issues.

The office also makes free pamphlets and other literature available around campus. Periodically, the Health Services office publishes information sheets and articles about topics relevant to university students. You can find those documents, organized by category, here:

Alcohol and substance use


Mental health 

Nutrition, health and exercise 

Safety awareness

Contact us

Beirut: WKSC, GF
Ext. 1040

After hours: call ext. 1500 for first-aid assistance.

Byblos: Student Center, GF
Ext. 2040

After hours: call ext. 2500 for first-aid assistance.

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