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Welcome to Counseling at LAU

Guidelines and tips on how to stay mentally healthy and how to seek help from LAU counselors during the COVID-19 crisis

Making the transition between high school and college and adjusting to the differences between home life and campus life sometimes produces feelings of stress and anxiety. What’s more, students sometimes have unrealistic expectations of what they should be able to handle, and think they have to go it alone. In most cases, such feelings are normal and will subside as you get more adept at organizing your own life.

Still, it never hurts to know you’re on the right track. So, to help you manage the changes you’re going through, LAU’s counseling office offers free, short-term individual counseling, academic skills tutoring, career/vocational testing and counseling, crisis services, consultation and referrals.

LAU counselors are experts trained to help students manage any difficulties they might be facing, whether academic, emotional, or social, including:

  • Academic difficulties (e.g., motivation, anxiety, procrastination)
  • Adjustment to university life
  • Alcohol/substance abuse
  • Depressed and anxious mood
  • Diversity and cultural differences
  • Family difficulties
  • Loss and grief
  • Recovering from physical and/or emotional trauma
  • Relationship problems
  • Transitions and life skills

Some approaches the counselors use to help students include:

  • meeting regularly with students to discuss problems that might adversely affect academic progress
  • conducting evaluations
  • referring students to professionals
  • following up on existing and previous cases to minimize future problems

The counseling offices on both campuses have an open-door policy, which means that students can seek help at any time during regular university hours. Alternatively, students can also make an appointment by calling or emailing the counselor.

Except in rare cases, all discussions with the counselor will remain confidential.

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