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Academic Violations- Table of Sanctions (Code of Conduct-Appendix B)

The following table defines the sanction(s) associated with each violation. In some cases and when the violation is too general, a range of sanctions is set for the pertinent committee to choose from depending on the specifics of each case. As for the second offense, the set sanctions apply regardless whether the violation has taken place in the same course or a different one, within the same semester or not. 

Code # Violation First Offense Second Offense
2.2.1 Using material or equipment (including mobile phones, electronic tablets, i-pads, calculators, and other devices) that is not authorized by the instructor in an examination, project, or graded assignment zero on the deliverable with a warning F on the course with a warning
2.2.2 Cheating, copying, collaborating with or aiding another Student in a manner not permitted by the instructor on an examination, project, or other graded assignment zero on the deliverable with a warning suspension
2.2.3 Distributing or aiding in the distribution of previous exams without authorization of the instructor double warning – suspension


suspension – expulsion
2.2.4 Stealing, reproducing, or circulating an examination or other graded assignment before it has been administered suspension expulsion
2.2.5 Impersonating another Student or allowing another Student to impersonate one’s self during an examination, presentation, or other graded assignment suspension for both expulsion
2.2.6 Impersonating an assistant, staff member, or faculty member for the purpose of (a) proctoring examinations without authorization or permission or (b) obtaining confidential information regarding coursework or examinations suspension – expulsion expulsion



Receiving, purchasing or selling a project, paper, or any academic document and presenting it as work other than that of the author suspension – expulsion expulsion
2.2.8 Submitting identical papers or coursework for credit in more than one class without the permission of the instructor zero on the deliverable with a warning F on the course with a warning
Plagiarism and Copyright Violations
2.2.9 Failing to attribute language or ideas to their original source by not crediting the original author with an appropriate acknowledgement or citation zero on the deliverable with a warning F on the course with a warning
2.2.10 Using photocopied or electronic copies of textbooks, compact disks, films, music, online course materials, and other content beyond the fair use policy within University Premises warning


double warning
2.2.11 Using copyrighted materials, including in written research reports and papers, without obtaining required permission, if any, from the rights holder warning double warning
Unauthorized Sale, Distribution, or Use of Course Materials
2.2.12 Recording any lecture or presentation for personal use or public distribution without the prior consent of the course instructor. This applies to the unauthorized use of any medium including but not limited to mobile phones, electronic tablets, i-pads recorders, films, and other devices warning double warning



Selling academic materials by any Student, club, or group. This includes but is not limited to lectures, course recordings, class notes, and previous exams


double warning



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