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Monday November 30, 2020

All you need to know as a student during the COVID-19 crisis

Transcripts during the lockdown

Due to the lockdown, we will not provide documents in person; however, we continue to offer online services related to document requests (excluding diplomas) via the E- Request option.

  1. When you access online E-Requests, you can request, pay (by credit card) and choose the mailing method. Within Lebanon, mailing will be via Libanpost (door-to-door service at a cost of LL6000 + VAT), while International mails will be sent via DHL. Both mailing options can be tracked.
  2. If you have Financial Holds, you can access E-Requests AFTER clearing your financial status with the Business Office.
  3. If you had ordered documents preceding the lock down period, you will receive a separate email explaining the delivery options.
  4. For any other queries you may have, please email us at: registrar.beirut@lau.edu.lb(Beirut Graduates) or registrar.byblos@lau.edu.lb (Byblos Graduates).

You can submit requests for certificates, transcripts or diploma clearance online, using the Banner system. Just follow these steps:

  1. Log in at https://banweb.lau.edu.lb/ with your username and password as per your LAU email.
  2. Choose Student Services and Financial Aid.
  3. Choose Student Records.
  4. Choose Electronic Request for Transcript,  Certificate, and Diploma Clearance.
  5. Read the instructions and proceed with your request.

Note that transcripts cost US$8 each and certificates (or authentications) cost US$5 each. Additional mailing charges may be added if you are ordering the transcripts to New York Office. You can pay by credit card.

Please note that all types of certificates have a non-refundable fee; once you submit your request, you will be charged with the total amount. If not picked up within 30 days of submission, it will be destroyed, without waiving the charge.

This point does not apply to online clearance request for degrees/diplomas:  there is no fee, nor time limit.

Change your password regularly and don’t share it

​Passwords we use daily are the key not only to your LAU email and applications, but also to your social media, phone, bank accounts, online shopping, etc… Since you might tend to use the same password for all the above services, we highly recommend that you do not share your passwords with your friends and to periodically change them to reduce the risk of having your accounts hacked. If someone else has your password, they can access your portal, banner, financial information, and even take surveys and vote in your place. 

To know more on how to change your LAU webmail password, follow this link: http://it.lau.edu.lb/faqs/change-lau-email-password.php ​

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