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Leadership Certification Program

The  Outreach and Civic Engagement Unit prepared The Leadership Certification program which will be launched currently on a national level, by The Outreach And Leadership Academy in partnership with the Lebanese American University and the Hariri Foundation For Sustainable Human Development.  The Leadership Certification Program is designed for professionals in the corporate business world, educational management field or non-governmental  institutions and students.  It consists of 12 innovative, hands on, creative, interactive, dynamic, participatory, and invigorating workshops, given by world experts in the various fields of leadership. The workshops are as follows:

  1. The Power of Accountability
  2. The Power of Character
  3. The Power of Charisma
  4. The Power of Optimization
  5. The Power of Measurement
  6. The Power of Passion
  7. The Power of Learning
  8. The Power of Innovation
  9. The Power of Self-Control
  10. The Power of Humility
  11. The Power of Executing: Win-Win Negotiations
  12. The Power of Decision Making 

The program will include:

  • Roundtable discussions about special leadership topics;
  • Testimonials by renowned leaders in various fields of expertise;
  • Activities that allow the participants to experiment with innovative leadership ideas and concepts;
  • Audio visual learning material;
  • Video taping of role play and interactive simulation;
  • Tests to verify knowledge and skills acquisition.

Furthermore, on an international level, The Leadership Certification program will be launched at the New York Academic Center, NYC, over a span of 12 days.

For more information contact Rana Sakr on +961.9.547254 ext. 2350.



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