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Waitlist is a feature which allows a student to add himself/herself to a Waitlist on a class that has met its maximum enrollment limit.  During Registration period, there are many classes that become full quickly and you are not able to register for them. The waiting list process will give you a potential chance to be enrolled in a closed section during the ADD/DROP period. A Waitlist guide is also available to help you.

How do I add myself on a waitlisted class?

If you want to add yourself on a waitlisted class, the following chart illustrates the steps you must take during the process (ADD/DROP period):   

Instructions of adding yourself to the Waitlist:

  • Login to Portal with your credentials
  • Go to My Courses tab
  • Click Online Registration and Select Look Up Classes to Add
  • Select the term then the courses you want to add
  • If you have selected a course section that is full and is waitlisted, you can register your name in the Waitlist.
  • All the waitlisted courses are assigned zero credits and zero billing hours.
  • The waitlisted courses along with the position in the Waitlist will appear in the “students’ detail schedule”.
  • The Maximum capacity of the course, the total capacity of the Waitlist, the current size of the Waitlist and the remaining seats available in the course and the Waitlist can be viewed from “Look up classes to add”.
  • If you are already registered in a closed section course that has a Waitlist and you dropped, you will not be able to Web register in the same course again; you may go into the queue of Waitlist if a seat in the Waitlist is still available.
  • When a seat is available to register in a waitlisted course and you are first in the queue of the Waitlist, an automatic email will be sent for you to register in the course within a maximum period of 2 hours. The earlier you register, the better!
  • IMPORTANT: You must change the status of the course from “Waitlisted” to “Web Registered” within the specified period of time.
  • If you fail to register within the Waitlist notification deadline, you will lose your chance of adding the course and will be dropped from the Waitlist automatically. The place will then be given to the next student in line.

The following chart illustrates the steps you must take once you receive the notification email in order to register for the class: 

How do I know if a class has a Waitlist?

You can find out if a class has a Waitlist or not by checking the schedule of the courses. You will find three new columns that are added to the display which are: the total capacity of the Waitlist, the current size of the Waitlist and the remaining seats on the Waitlist.

How do I add myself to the Waitlist? (Detailed)

  1. You are attempting to enroll in a class that has the Waitlist option.
  2. First, you will access the registration area in the system and type the CRN of the desired course into the fields just like the normal registration process and then “Submit Changes”.

  1.  If the class you are attempting to register is closed, you will receive an error message “Closed – There are # student(s) on the Waitlist for this section”. You will also be given an option to enroll in “Waitlist in the dropdown list. 

  1. If you want to add yourself to the Waitlist, you can choose from the drop down list “Waitlist” in order to be enlisted and “Submit Changes”.
  2. The waitlisted class will be displayed with your schedule with “zero credit hours”.


  1. If you want to know what “position” in the Waitlist you are in, you can view it from the “Student Detail Schedule”.

  1. If a seat becomes available and you are the first on the Waitlist, you will receive an automatic email asking you to register within a specific period of time.
  2. If you decide to register for the course, go to the registration page, and then choose “Web Registration” from the dropdown list and “Submit Changes”.
    Note : You only have 2 hours to register after you receive an email. 


  1. If you decide not to register or the time expires, the next student in line will be notified.

Summary of Important points to Remember:

  • Registering in a Waitlist for a course section does not guarantee you a place in this course.
  • Waitlist does not mean you are registered in the course.
  • Waitlisted courses are zero credits.
  • You cannot place yourself on the Waitlist for two different sections of the same course.
  • You can choose to drop yourself from the Waitlist at any time on the web, during the ADD/DROP period.
  • You must check your LAU email on a regular basis in order not to miss the email notification.
  • If you are first in the waitlist queue, you will be notified via “LAU EMAIL” once a seat becomes available.  Only one email notification is sent to you.
  • There is a time limit after an email notification is sent which is maximum 2 hours before you lose your spot to register.  Please register ASAP so that others will have the chance to benefit from this feature.
  • It is preferable to drop yourself from the Waitlist as soon as you decide you don’t want this course/section, so that other students benefit from the availability of the seat.
  • If you were registered in a course during registration period and you drop the course that has a Waitlist, you will not be able to web register in the same course again unless you place yourself on the Waitlist during ADD/DROP period.
  • It is very IMPORTANT to make sure you have NO holds on your records as it will prevent you from registration as well as placing yourself on the Waitlist.

What do I do if I have more questions?

If you have more questions about the use of Waitlist for a specific course, check with the Academic Advisors at the Dean of Students offices or the Registrar’s Office.

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