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If you skip one or more semesters, or are suspended, your file is marked as “inactive.” When you return, you’ll have to reactivate your file to be allowed to register.

The reactivation is done in person at the Registrar’s Office by filling out a form (available for download and printing below).

If you’ve been away more than one semester there is a US$ 80 or L.L. 120,000 charge that must be paid in cash.

You can do this as far ahead of registration as you’d like, as long as you do it by the registration date specified for returnees (check the registration schedule).

Contact us

Registrar’s Office, Beirut:
Irwin Hall GF
Ext. 1318

Registrar’s Office, Byblos:
Tohme Rizk Bldg., Level 2
Ext. 2889

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