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Freshman Information

At LAU, Freshman students are admitted to one of the following programs:

  • Freshman Arts (30 credits) or
  • Freshman Sciences (30 credits)

Check the requirements through your Degree Evaluation Report.

Am I allowed to take major courses during my freshman year?

Freshman students are not allowed to take major courses or sophomore classes during their freshman year.

Who is required to sit for SAT II and obtain the equivalence to the Lebanese Baccalaureate?

  • Freshman students who hold the Lebanese nationality only.
  • Freshman students with dual nationalities (Lebanese and another foreign nationality) who want to go into a Professional School (Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, Pharmacy, and Architecture and Design (Architecture major only).

N.B. Students with dual nationalities who want to major in other than the professional schools are advised to obtain the equivalence of the Lebanese Baccalaureate.

What are the subjects required for SAT II?

Required subjects in the SAT II exam differ for Freshman Arts and Freshman Science applicants:

  • Freshman Arts applicants must take Math I and any other two subjects.
  • Freshman Science applicants must take Math II and two of the following subjects:
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics

What are the requirements for the equivalence to the Lebanese Baccalaureate?

  1. Exemption from Arabic
  2. Freshman Arts students should score a minimum of :
    • 2600 on SAT I + SAT II if they have the OLD SAT I, or
    • 2150 on both SAT I & SAT II and a minimum score of 300 on every SAT subject if they have the NEW SAT I
  3. Freshman Science students should score a minimum of :
    • 2750 on both SAT I & SAT II if they have the OLD SAT I, or
    • 2300 on both SAT I & SAT II and a minimum score of 300 on every SAT subject if they have the NEW SAT I​
  4. 30 freshman credits completed within the first year at LAU.  The LAU’s Freshman Arts and Freshman Sciences programs comply with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education.  Simply follow the Degree Evaluation Report.

What if I did not get the required SAT score during the first freshman year?

Lebanese Freshman students who have completed their freshman course requirements during the first year of enrollment (in 2 regular semesters) and do not have their BACC II equivalence (due to the unavailability of SAT II) can petition to declare their major.
These students may be admitted to a major on condition that they obtain their BACC II equivalence no later than the third regular semester at LAU.

During the third semester, such students must take sophomore courses in addition to at least one freshman course.

N.B.: After the third semester grace period, students are not allowed to register if their SAT II requirements are not met.

When can I declare my major?

You can petition to declare a major only when you have completed a minimum of 27 credits from the Freshman requirements. Schools will act on these petitions irrespective of the fact that a student has not completed all the Freshman requirements Moreover, you are required to register and pass the remaining freshman credits during the first semester after completing the 27 credits and you will be required to sign a consent letter agreeing to the consequences in case of failing or not completing this course. 

Can I register sophomore classes if I only lack 3 freshman credits?

  • If you lack only 3 credits to complete the freshman requirements, you must petition to declare major.
  • If you are admited into a major, you must register for and pass the remaining freshman credits during the first term of your registration in the new major along with sophomore courses.
  • If you are a Lebanese student, and fail to pass the 3 remaining freshman credits in the first term of registration of the new major, you are required to complete 3 non -freshman credits, over and above the requirements for the Bachelor degree.

Contact the coordinators of academic advising

Beirut: +961 1 786456

Aya El Mir, ext. 1679
Dania Tibi, ext. 1156
Amal Daouk, ext. 1927
Rima Rahhal, ext. 1924

Byblos: +961 9 547262

Zeina Trad, ext. 1668
Joseph Waked, ext. 2712
Mary Saad, ext. 2711

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