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Help with academic difficulties

If your cumulative grade point average (CGPA) drops below 2.0, you will be put on academic probation. A drop in CGPA can happen for many reasons, including:

  •  Personal reasons: health, parental or relationship issues, or problems relating to a combination of work and study, such as financial stress.
  • Academic issues: language difficulties, frequent absences, test anxiety, studying in a program that you no longer enjoy or family pressure in choosing a major.
  • Study habits: writing difficulties, time management, or memory and concentration problems.

Our goal is to help you deal positively with your current situation. The professional advisors take the time to assess the circumstances that led up to academic probation, and then offer advice, which may include:

  • Clarifying academic rules and regulations and probation rules
  • Giving study tips
  • Encouraging you to know your professors and ask questions
  • Encouraging confidence in your academic ability and balance between your studies and life outside the university
  • Making you aware of available resources (such as free tutoring)

Meeting with your advisor on a regular basis is fundamental. He or she may refer you to the counseling office (in case of test anxiety or other personal issues) or one of the on-campus career guidance advisors (to help you in choosing the major that is compatible with your interests and career goals).

Don’t hesitate to visit your advisor in order to emerge from probationary status. It can make a huge difference in your academic life!


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