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Glossary of CAPP terms

Area: An area represents a component of a degree program, such as English requirements, LAC Electives, Major or business Electives.

Attribute: An attribute identifies specific characteristics of courses or student that can be used in degree evaluation (ASUB and LCSS are examples of course attributes).

CAPP: Acronym for the Curriculum, Advising and Program Planning software

Catalog Term: If using "Generate New Evaluation" it is the semester in which you declared your major. If using "What-If Analysis" it appears on the degree evaluation, and it is the term you intend to join the other program i.e. the term when the other program’s requirements became effective.

Degree Evaluation: The process of running an evaluation via Banner. Checks coursework against built-in degree requirements and generates a report.

Entry Term: Used with “What-If Analysis” evaluation. It is the semester to join the new program.

Evaluation Term: Anticipated term of graduation. Always use the CURRENT term.

Met: Indicates that requirements for a program or area have been SATISFIED.

Not Met: Indicates that requirements for a program or area have NOT BEEN SATISFIED.

Overall GPA: Current Cumulative grade point average for ALL courses taken at LAU.

Program: A program is the major or degree that a student is aiming for; BA-ENGL, BE-CIVIL, BS-BIOL, MBA, etc…

Requirements: The detailed specifics that constitute a program or area. Requirements can be specific grades allowed, maximum number of courses, minimum GPAs, General University Requirements, LAC Core, LAC Electives, major and other requirements. A requirement is not satisfied if it is marked "Not Met".

Result as of: The date the degree evaluation was generated.

Rule: A rule is used to handle complicated requirements such as selecting three courses from a list of ten courses, or selecting one group of courses from many groups. A description appears explaining its purpose.

Source: Where the course resides in the student’s banner record: H = academic history, T = transfer, R = current registration.

Used: Indicates the number of credits/courses used for the degree evaluation.

Unused: Indicates the number of credits/courses NOT used for the degree evaluation. It generally contains courses with the grades of F, I, NP and W.

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