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Curriculum Advising and Program Planning (CAPP)

I. CAPP degree evaluation

CAPP degree evaluation is an automated report reflecting your academic progress towards the completion of a degree. Now you may:

  1. Plan and choose your courses required for graduation,
  2. track your academic progress, and
  3. run a “what if analysis” in case you want to change your major.

CAPP degree evaluations are not official. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to be sure that all your degree requirements have been met. Completion of program requirements or graduation is determined only by the Registrar’s Office.

CAPP degree evaluation does not take the place of regular Academic Advising. You should work closely with your academic advisor to plan out how you can achieve your academic goals.

II. Run the “CAPP Degree Evaluation” through the Portal

  1. Select the Current Term and then Submit.
  2. Refer to the Links at Bottom of the page. Press “Generate New Evaluation” to produce a degree evaluation for your program.
  3. Select the Program (radio button).
  4. Click “Generate Request”. Then you will see all the requirements of your program.

III. Run a “What-If Analysis” Evaluation

  1. Click on “What-if Analysis”.
  2. Select the Entry Term (semester to join the new program) and click Continue.
  3. Select the Program you want to explore and click on Continue.
  4. Select First Major and then Submit. Note: If the program you are selecting has a Concentration, Click on Add More and choose the Concentration and then Submit.
  5. Click “Generate Request”. Then you will see all the requirements of the explored program.


V. Glossary of CAPP terms

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