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Academic Success Center

Our Mission

The Academic Success Centers at the Lebanese American University provide free of charge academic tutoring services to currently enrolled LAU students. Our mission is to maximize students’ academic potential and promote their success and retention in a welcoming environment.

The main purpose of the Academic Success Center is to help students who are facing difficulties in certain courses to effectively improve their performance. Tutors are academically excelling students from various majors and they are appointed by their respective departments.

During the Fall 2018 semester, the Academic Success Centers in Beirut and Byblos assisted 1,000 students from different Schools through the tutoring sessions.

Types of Tutoring:

  • Walk-in tutoring: Session is conducted on a one-on-one basis (based on the set schedule) with a student to assist and allow him/her to ask specific questions
  • Group tutoring: Tutoring sessions are provided to a group of students
  • Tutoring by appointment: Students book an appointment with tutors to get assistance with course material

Courses offered this semester:

Learning Outcomes: 

  • Group tutoring sessions:
    • Tutors engage you in an interactive learning experience
    • These sessions are catered to the general need of the entire group
  • Walk-in tutoring sessions:
    • Tutors answer specific questions related to problem solving
    • Explain certain ideas in a simplified manner
    • Give tutees tips on note taking and studying strategies relevant to the course

Tips for Tutees:

  • Make sure you arrive on time to the tutoring session.
  • Bring all required material (textbook, notes, calculator) with you to the session.
  • Plan your questions before the session.
  • Do not wait until the day before the exam to ask the tutor all your questions, attend tutoring regularly! It’s better to keep up with course material than to catch up!
  • Prepare independently, the tutor will assist you with specific questions and is not expected to do the work for you or explain the entire material.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help, the tutors are here to assist you.
  • Tutors do not take the role of the instructors.

Become a Tutor:

Job Description:

  • Assist students with course material
  • Coordinate with the course instructors regarding explanation technique and material required
  • Support students with study skills and how to become independent learners
  • Help students learn how to learn the course material

Benefits of becoming a Tutor:

  • Teaching experience that can support later employment goals.
  • Develop communication and leadership skills.
  • Network with students and faculty members.
  • Helps apply, maintain and improve subject knowledge.
  • Make a difference in a student’s life.

Tips for Tutors:

  • Maintain a professional relationship with students.
  • Create a friendly environment that allows students to feel comfortable in asking any question and motivated to improve.
  • Be punctual and notify the Academic Success Center Coordinator in case you will not be attending or if you will be late.
  • Be ethical towards all students. Do not talk down to students, be supportive and provide encouragement.
  • Be patient and remember that each students learns in a different way.
  • Listen to students’ needs and questions.
  • Make the material as interesting as possible, it reflects on students’ attitudes towards the course subject. Show enthusiasm while explaining.
  • Coordinate closely with instructors to maintain the same pace.
  • Respect students’ privacy, do not discuss their problems with other students

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):

How can a tutoring session help me?
During the tutoring sessions, tutors will answer any questions you many have regarding the course material. They will clarify course content and enable you to study on your own. They will review your work and provide feedback.

How many tutoring sessions can I attend?
Students are free to attend as many session as they see need. There is no limit.

How much does it cost per session?
The service is free of charge to all LAU students.

When and where do I meet with a tutor?
The Academic Success Center Coordinator will send you an email with the day, time, place and type of tutoring sessions at the beginning of each semester, in addition to regular reminders, and updates or amendments to the schedule. Hence, check your emails on a daily basis.

What if there is a time conflict with all of the tutoring sessions I need to attend?
Refer to the Academic Success Center Coordinator at the Dean of Students Office as per the below to coordinate such issues:

Beirut campus: Cristine El Jawhari (WKSC Level 4, Room 410; ). Byblos campus: Zeina Trad (Career & Advising Center, Room 305)

Contact us

Registrar’s Office, Beirut:
Irwin Hall GF
Ext. 1318

Registrar’s Office, Byblos:
Tohme Rizk Bldg., Level 2
Ext. 2889

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