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Study abroad opportunities: Spring 2019

LAUers! Spend a semester abroad this upcoming Spring.

 Deadline:  September 22, 2018

Eligibility requirements

Generally, the below is the accepted guideline for outgoing students:

  • You are in your 3rd or 4th semester (junior year or beginning sophomore year)
  • Your last 30 credits should be completed at LAU (not applicable to exchange students under MOUs, check with the office first)
  • You have a minimum of 2.7 CGPA
  • You have completed ENG102 with a good grade
  • You are outgoing, and eager to learn about other culture
  • Students should be advised that only passing credits may be transferred; a passing grade abroad for undergraduates is C and above. A passing for graduates is B and above.
    • For exchange students: grades are transferred on a P/NP basis. 
    • F0r study abroad students: grades are transferred as T.  

 For questions, you can contact Dina Abdul Rahman

Check the available opportunities, universities, and types of programs along with the applications process.

Erasmus+ scholarship opportunity
Erasmus+ Scholarship: You settle LAU tuition fees and receive a scholarship to cover the travel and living expenses at host country!

Choose the partner university you want to apply for.

Erasmus+ Scholarship
1 Aarhus - Denmark
2 Almeria University - Spain
3 Danish School of Media and Journalism - Denmark
4 Politecnico di Torino - Italy 
5 Tampere University - Finland
6 University of Iceland -  Iceland 
7 Warsaw School of Economics - Poland

Exchange semester abroad
Exchange semester: You trade places with a student at Partner University and settle the tuition fees at LAU in addition to your travel and living expenses at host country.

 Choose the partner university you want to apply for.

1 Aarhus - Denmark
2 American Business School - France
3 Brandenburgische Technische Universität Cottbus - Germany
4 Danish School of Media and Journalism - Denmark
5 Ecole Suppressive des Sciences Commerciales d’Angers
6 HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht - The Netherlands 
7 IESEG School of Management - France (Graduate)
8 Libera Università di Lingue e Comunicazione “IULM” di Milano - Italy
9 Myongi University - South Korea
10 NEOMA Business School - France
11 Rennes Business School - France
12 Richmond, The American International University - United Kingdom 
13 Russian State Social Federal University - Russia
14 Sciences Po - France
15 SKEMA - France
16 University of Pavia - Italy
17 URAL Federal University - Russia 
18 Virginia Commonwealth University - US

Study abroad Programs  
Study abroad: You settle the tuition fees at Host University in addition to your travel and living expenses at host country.

Choose the partner university you want to apply for.

Study Abroad Universities 
1 Arizona University - US
2 EU Business School - Barcelona | Geneva | Montreux | Munich 
3 IED Istituto Europea di Design - Italy | Spain | Brazil 
4 Kent State University - US
5 McNeese State University - US
6 Kent State University- Florence 
7 New School Parsons - France
8 Stockton University - US
9 Syracuse University - US
10 Wayne State University - US
11 Macquarie University - Australia 


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