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BUDDY Program

I am an international student. I need a BUDDY!

A BUDDY will be there to help you before your arrival and during your stay in Lebanon. Your BUDDY facilitates your integration in the campus life at LAU and encourages you to meet, interact and engage with the community in Lebanon. 

If you want a BUDDY, fill this form

Meet your BUDDY!

Meet Carol Majdalani. She is studying Business on the Byblos campus. Her hobbies include photography, music and learning new things. She is also a piano teacher and a TV presenter! 

I joined the BUDDY Program due to the stress that international and exchange students have to go through while applying for exchange, looking for housing, finding courses, and registering… All of the above taught me the importance of establishing the BUDDY program and supporting the Office of International Services at LAU. 

Meet Chady Geara. He is studying Computer Science on the Byblos campus. His hobbies include travelling, photography, and volleyball. He spent his Spring 2017 semester at Masaryk University Brno, Czech Republic as an Erasmus student.

It’s my pleasure to become a member of the BUDDY program to help other people gain the same experience that I had abroad. And I think since I already lived this experience, it would be easier for me to motivate people to do this step and overcome their fears of change and going abroad alone.

Meet Aya Kanaan. She is studying Business on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, camping, tennis, stargazing and photography. 

I joined the Buddy Program in order to meet new people from different cultures. This will also broaden my vision and introduce me to new perspectives on global issues and international ideas. Also, such program will enhance my skills and contribute to my growth. 

Meet Sabine Faress. She is studying Business on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include dancing, singing, reading and writing. 

During my first year at LAU, I got the opportunity to meet many non-Lebanese students, I got to interact with them and get to know them not only during classes but outside as well, learning about their cultures and informing them about mine, I loved to interact with them, and this is what made my first year very interesting and fun at the same time. So, when I had the chance to become a BUDDY I signed up without hesitation. 

Meet Julia Aridi. She is studying Architecture on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking, volleyball, photography, sketching and debating. 

I chose to become a BUDDY in order to expose myself to different people from different cultures, and to help make students’ lives easier while moving to a foreign country knowing that it’s very challenging.

Meet Heba Al-Saidi. She is studying English on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, bungee jumping, playing the guitar and listening to jazz. She recently added zip lining and sky walking to the list!

Being a BUDDY, I want to make exchange student feel at home, to help them with the applications, registration, courses, and to give them the guidance they need. I want to make sure that no student goes through the same hardships that I went through. So, exchange students, I am here to help, you are not alone! 

Meet Ghida Beydoun. She is studying Bioinformatics on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include food tasting, swimming, photography, reading and stargazing. 

When I first heard of the program I loved the idea of helping and supporting foreign students to discover Lebanon and LAU. Plus, I am planning to go for a semester abroad hence this program would be helpful to me.
However, when I started planning and course searching I realized that the process is not easy and it demands a lot of work so, to every outgoing or incoming student who arrives to a point that makes them just give up because of fear, doubts and imagining it won’t work, well it works! You should just put your doubts aside and believe that it is worth it. I know that because I was in your shoes. And I am here to assist any outgoing or incoming student in doubt as a buddy.

Meet Wael Abdul Rahman. He is studying Computer Science on the Beirut campus. His hobbies include travelling, trying new food, and target shooting. 

I chose to become a BUDDY because I want to have friends from all over the world and to help others discover the culture, nature, and people of Lebanon. 

Meet Reem Hasbani. She is studying Psychology on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, swimming, hiking and exploring new cultures. 

The BUDDY program gives me an opportunity to meet new friends and encounter people from different nationalities. My love for cultures encouraged me to participate in this program in which I can share my culture and explore other students’ cultures. It is also a beneficial experience where students can feel engaged, committed and work on improving some skills such as group work, effective communication and contributing in the student life.


Meet Lara Abou Znad. She is studying Architecture on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include horseback riding, swimming, singing and camping. 

Well, my life is full of activities and experiences that I would like to share with people from different cultures and countries! I am so open to knowing and living every experience of other friends and I am so excited to show my new friends the activities and adventures one can live in our country! 

Meet Hasmig Ayvazian. She is studying Nutrition on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include dancing, reading and playing tennis. 

Before a while I got an email from the Office of International Services at LAU asking for volunteers in BUDDY program. I was so excited with the idea to participate. It is an impressive way to support students, provide them with a safe and friendly environment and assist them with the knowledge and accessibility of various LAU services. Personally, I love to be involved with international student’s cultural backgrounds and I believe this is a golden chance that can lead to brighter future with new ideas and new people.

Meet Haya Otba. She is studying Architecture on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include camping and adventurous activities. 

I joined the BUDDY program to help the incoming students, since I myself came to Lebanon to study at LAU and I believe that if there was someone to help me when I entered it would’ve made it much easier. I already live alone so I am also familiar with the difficulties they might face. My aim is to help the students get to experience what I experienced in a more smooth way. 

Meet Jana El Hajj. She is studying Civil Engineering on the Beirut campus. Her hobbies include reading, debating, hiking, cycling, playing football and knitting.

I chose to join the BUDDY program because I enjoy meeting new people from diverse cultural backgrounds. It is a great opportunity to help international students and facilitate their stay, and to share my ambition in spending a semester abroad with LAU students. It will also enhance my social skills and enrich my international perspective. 

Meet Wissam Mahmoud. He is studying Mechatronics Engineering on the Beirut campus. His hobbies include photography and reading. He is also a  car fanatic!

I decided to join the BUDDY program at LAU since I believe that it’s a beautiful concept to help other people. Besides, It is wondrous the experience to get to know people from other nationalities; cultural background and knowledge. Furthermore, team work is a must in one’s self building. 


I am an LAU student. I want to become a BUDDY!

Local students are encouraged to help the international students with any questions before their arrival and during their stay in Lebanon. They provide the friendly face, helping hand, and first Lebanese friendship that can make a world of difference for new arrivals. BUDDIES can also offer linguistic support, cultural guidance and information about life at LAU and in Lebanon.

The program also allows students returning from an international experience to support fellow students in their preparations for their semester abroad.

At the start of every semester the OIS hosts a BUDDY meeting for the participants of the program.

BUDDY activities include:

  • Campus tours
  • Locating nearby banks, grocery stores, bookstores, etc.
  • Support in local housing
  • Fun outings to familiarize students with the country
  • Meetings with selected outgoing students to provide tips on how to prepare and what to expect abroad
  • Be part of orientation meeting and pre-departure orientation
  • Excursions/hikes/touring trips around Lebanon
  • Gatherings in hometown/villages/homes for familiarity and immersion in culture.



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