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IAAF Best Entrepreneurial Project 2018


The Inas Abou Ayyash Foundation (IAAF) is offering a $10,000 sponsorship per campus for the best entrepreneurial project. 


IAAF is committed to promote and generate functional programs to address specific needs of the people in Lebanon. We envision establishing opportunities that assert the social, cultural and economical development of Lebanon. 

Inspire positive change (project 2018)

  1. Gather a team or work individually The competition is open to all undergraduate and graduate students.
  2. Come up with the project idea This project aims at establishing or supporting a business idea that provides jobs and has a social impact. Participating students will brainstorm and validate ideas, focus on customer development, practice lean start up methodologies, in addition, build a minimal feasibility study and business plan. Innovative, feasible, economical and social aspects are the criteria to guide this project.  
  3. Submit your idea  Fill out the application form  by August 1
  4. Shortlisting will be done by an LAU committee, where five projects will be selected.
  5. One winner will be selected by an LAU and IAAF joint committee.

The success of this project will not only be measured based on its effectiveness as a business idea, it will also be measured based on the social issues it can tackle. Examples include solving the trash issue, providing jobs for disabled people, encouraging local art and culture, promoting reconciliation, and / or preserving the environment.

IAAF Best Entrepreneurial Project 2017

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