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Job opportunities

There are job opportunities available for qualified students within the residence halls on both campuses.

Resident Assistant (RA)

Task: Resident assistants have a number of responsibilities centered around maintaining a healthy atmosphere in the residence hall.

Eligibility: For a student to be considered eligible to apply for the RA position, he/she must have:

  1. a cumulative GPA of 3.0 and above
  2. financial aid (required in Byblos only)
  3. a strong personality, commitment, good leadership and communication skills
  4. full-time student status
  5. good standing. Good standing is defined as having enrolled and paid the tuition fees, not being on academic probation or having received a dean’s warning for non-academic violations of the student code of conduct.

Term: Though resident assistants are appointed for a period of one year, their performance is evaluated at the end of each semester. The evaluation will determine whether the contract with a RA will be renewed. The contract may be terminated at any point throughout the semester if the RA is found to have been negligent of his/her duties.

Compensation: As a condition of employment, each resident assistant is provided with a private room at no charge.

How and when to apply? Pay attention to the RA vacancy announcements and their deadlines. Interviews are held starting the first week of June.

Student Assistant (SA)

Task: Student assistants work as receptionists, receiving and transferring calls, taking messages, and answering queries. They are also expected to monitor the entrance area and the lounge to make sure no violations are being committed.

Eligibility: Any student who has been granted work-study hours as part of the financial aid program can work at the residence halls.

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