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Resident Assistant job description

As a staff member of the Residence Hall, the Resident Assistant is selected for the qualities of leadership potential, effective communication skills, a willingness to accept responsibilities, disciplined study habits and a sincere interest in working with students.

Resident Assistants act as a resource and contact persons for the residents. They cooperate with each other and with the Residence Hall Supervisor to augment the quality of Residence life as a whole. They have front line responsibility for facilitating and enhancing the well being of the residents of the floor(s) to which they are assigned.

The Resident Assistants organize their time in a way that work does not affect their performance as students. They are expected to treat all information that comes to them as confidential.

The specific responsibilities of the Resident Assistants consist of:

  1. Administrative Duties
  2. Availability
  3. Social Integration and Animation
  4. Maintenance of a Harmonious Living Environment
  5. Promotion of Respect for the Physical Environment
  6. Communication of Information
  7. Care for Resident’s Health
  8. Academic and Personal Support
  9. Responsibility as a Role Model

1. Administrative Duties:

The smooth operation of the Residence Hall is dependent upon the cooperative efforts of all staff members. Resident Assistants are called upon to provide administrative support, which is important to the operation of the Hall and assist in maintaining residents’ understanding and involvement in community living expectations.

The Resident Assistant is expected to:

  • Report immediately issues and concerns raised by residents to Residence Hall Supervisor
  • Assist the Residence Hall Supervisor with check-in and check-out procedures
  • Attend the weekly staff meetings
  • Complete other duties as assigned

2. Availability

Resident Assistants will ensure that residents always know when they will be available or how to get in touch with them. All Resident Assistants should be present during the week and will take turns being “on duty” to manage the desk and will take turns being “on duty” during the week-ends. During the welcoming week and mid-semester vacations, all Resident Assistants are considered to be “on duty”.


3. Social Integration and Animation

One of the primary functions of the Resident Assistants is to help the Residence Hall Supervisor promote a welcoming, enjoyable and healthy living environment for the students. They are expected to ensure that the residents have the information and support they need. Resident Assistants are therefore expected to participate in social and recreational activities and encourage residents to do so.

4. Maintenance of a Harmonious Living Environment

All residents have the right to the peaceful enjoyment of the premises. Resident Assistants are responsible for supporting and promoting LAU’s ethos of community well-being based on mutual respect.

5. Promotion of Respect for the Physical Environment

Resident Assistants are responsible for encouraging discipline and good order on their floor. They are responsible of verifying that all the rules and regulations are applied. At no time should the master key be given to any other individual. Resident Assistants are only permitted to enter a room with the express consent of the student concerned, or in a situation of clear and imminent danger. Resident Assistants are not allowed to open unoccupied rooms for either personal or residents’ use.

6. Communication of Information

Resident Assistants are expected to communicate frequently with the residents in order to promote awareness of and participation in LAU campus events. Moreover, they must always be aware of their role as “resource people” for the residents.

7. Care for Residents’ Health

Resident Assistants should provide first line of support for the sick. When needed, they should accompany the sick resident to the hospital. Resident Assistants are responsible for keeping the Hall Supervisor updated on any significant health issues concerning the residents.

8. Academic and Personal Support

Resident Assistants should be prepared to identify and respond with compassion and support to any resident who approaches them with a personal problem. At the same time, they must recognize the limits of their expertise and should refer students for professional help when necessary. Nevertheless, they should never act as a substitute for a professional.

9. Responsibility as a Role Model

A high standard of behaviour is expected of Resident Assistants. They are expected to set a good example in respect to noise levels and the condition of their rooms. Resident Assistants are expected to follow all university regulations including the Rules and Regulations of the Residence Hall and they are always expected to be in control of their actions whenever and wherever they are with resident students.

As positive role models, Resident Assistants must be able to develop and exercise good judgement in all kinds of unforeseen circumstances, including life-threatening crises. They must be friendly, open-minded and respectful of other people’s values and beliefs. They should act responsibly and with maturity and thoughtfulness at all times.

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