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Job interview tips

Before the interview:

  • Gather as much information as possible such as: exact address, type of business, size, some key financial figures, key people, and the interviewer’s full name, major competitors in the local and international market, etc.
  • Prepare a pen, a notepad and extra copies of your resume to take with you to the interview

At the interview:

  • Arrive on time. Arriving late, for whatever reason, always makes a negative impression
  • Introduce yourself with a smile and a firm handshake
  • Don’t criticize past employers or colleagues
  • What to wear: for men, a dark suit is always the best choice in a corporate setting with a white or soft blue shirt. A tie is also recommended. For women, dark suits (pants or skirts) are also a good choice. They can be worn with short or long sleeved blouses
  • Be prepared to answer questions such as: Tell me about yourself; what are your strengths; what are your weaknesses; what do you know about our company; why do you want to work for our company; why are you interested in this position; how would your colleagues describe you; how would your boss describe you; how would you describe yourself; how would you describe your last job performance; what are your major accomplishments in your career; can you meet deadlines when you work under pressure; what are the activities that contribute to your personal development
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Show maturity and courtesy
  • Be prepared to ask questions such as:
    • what are the short-term and long-term objectives you would like the recruited person to accomplish in this job?
    • what kind of training would I receive?
    • what are the most important skills required to perform this job?
    • can you describe a typical on-the-job day?
    • are there any problems to be faced in this position?
    • are there advancement opportunities in this position?
    • which employee appraisal system do you use to evaluate the employees in this position?
  • Please note that these questions are used as guidelines and some of these questions may not be suitable for your interviewing situation.

Closing the interview:

  • Show your interest and enthusiasm to be part of the company’s team of employees.
  • Thank the interviewer for his/her time and consideration.
  • You may ask the time frame within which you can expect to hear from the company.


Contact the career guidance 

Aya El Mir, Dania Saad
Office of the Dean of Students
Ext: 1679, 1635

Zeina Trad, Hassan Baalbaki
Office of the Dean of Students
Ext: 1668, 2411

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