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Identify your interests

The Career Guidance Services Office offers these online resources to help you launch your professional career.

Take the Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

The SII is one of the world’s most widely used career planning tools. It helps current students, fresh graduates, and alumni to make career-related choices such as choosing the right major and exploring potential careers by identifying their interest in a broad range of occupations, work activities, leisure activities, and school subjects. 

Check the Missouri Occupational Card Sort (MOCS)

The MOCS is an accredited career assessment tool, developed as a means of assisting students who are unclear about their present or future vocational choice. The process includes sorting titles into piles of Like, Dislike and Neutral/Undecided. Please note that the MOCS is only available on the Byblos campus.

Explore the Vault Online Career Plan

One of the world’s leading sources of career information, Vault makes students’ and alumni’s efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects infinitely easier and more efficient. This new online resource includes:

  • Career guides and employer profiles in PDF
  • 4,000+ company profiles
  • 3,000+ career advice articles
  • Industry and occupational profiles
  • Access to message boards for insider information

In addition, the Vault guide to résumés (CVs), cover letters, and interviews provides practical information to create résumés (CVs), overcome difficulties in writing cover letters, and getting ready to sit for interviews.  Before accessing Vault, please note that this resource is only available for LAU students and alumni and only from within LAU premises.

To start using these resources, please visit or contact the career guidance officer in your campus.

Follow the Four Year Career Plan

Your Career Starts Today!

Your Career Planning should start the day you join LAU. LAU’s Career Guidance Offices provide you with the appropriate tools to ensure a successful career planning during and after your college experience. The Four-Year Career Plan highlights the basic steps to follow each year in order to graduate with a solid understanding of your interests, hands-on experience, and a job search strategy that will hopefully help you in your future career.

Freshman Year – Explore & Discover

  • Take various required courses to discover different majors
  • Take advantage of self-assessment tools to discover your interests. LAU Career Guidance Offices offer the Strong Interest  Inventory and the Missouri Card Sort which will help you determine the majors that interest you the most
  • Discuss your aspirations with your professors and advisor during their office hours
  • Get involved with student and extracurricular activities (e.g. student clubs, athletics, etc…). This allows you to build up your résumé and will be beneficial for your career development
  • Make sure you have an efficient study-play balance to make the most of your college years

 Sophomore Year – Research & Investigate

  • Continue to take diverse courses to discover your interests and strengths. Make sure you take your electives in areas that are of interest to you, in order to develop a hobby, or pursue a minor degree in one of the subjects available at LAU
  • Start planning your career: check your LAU email regularly to be updated on the latest internships, summer jobs, and volunteer work  in the market
  • Attend workshops on Résumé and Cover Letter Writing and start preparing your résumé. Check the Career Guidance Offices calendar to sign up for the next workshop
  • Attend on-campus career fair and recruitment presentations
  • Research your career interests with the career guidance officer
  • Study hard and try to keep your GPA as high as possible
  • Take a public speaking course to enhance your communication skills
  • Engage in civic, leadership, and student governance and other extracurricular activities

Junior Year – Experience & Decide

  • Make sure you are satisfied with all the career related decisions you have made for the past two years
  • If you are not satisfied with your major, ask for the assistance of the career guidance officer to take a self-assessment
  • Attend on-campus career fair and recruitment presentations
  • Start “schmoozing” and using your professional contact list to locate job openings in the local, regional and international markets
  • Try to get more specialized summer jobs and internships
  • It’s the time to research graduate schools: admission requirements such as GPA, dates of tests, and deadlines of applications, etc…

Senior Year – Search & Land a Job

  •  Try to work on a research paper with one of your professors and attempt to publish it or attend academic conferences. This might give you hands-on experience and add value to your résumé
  • Refine your résumé and cover letter and attend workshops on Résumé and Cover Letter Writing. Check the Career Guidance Offices calendar to sign up for the next workshop
  • Keep on checking your LAU email to be updated on the latest jobs available in the market
  • Keep on schmoozing and use your professional contact list to locate job openings in the local, regional and international markets
  • Attend on-campus career fair to submit work applications and résumés whenever relevant and sign up for alumni services

Contact the career guidance 

Aya El Mir, Dania Saad
Office of the Dean of Students
Ext: 1679, 1635

Zeina Trad, Hassan Baalbaki
Office of the Dean of Students
Ext: 1668, 2411

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