Table Tennis


Tryouts extend between January 15 and February 3. Students are expected to attend starting the first session of tryouts.


  Beirut campus Byblos campus
Date and time TR 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. TBA
Location LAU Beirut Main Multipurpose Room (Lower campus) TBA
Coach Nabil Stouhi TBA


Table Tennis Jad Ghanem Michel Al Haddad Charbel El Outayek
Alexandre Nassif Sarkis Pierre Juvelekian Guy Abi Hanna
Roudy Zeidan Jneid Jneid Ousama Attar
Kevin Arthur Malak  Ahmad Ghanem Christelle Saliba
Perla Silva Joana Abou Ali   


Table Tennis Nina Markerian Nour Houry Dana Mahmasani
Nour Al Hana Mahmasani Jad Owaida Mohamad Abo Rachied
Zaven Tortian Carla Ltaif Raed Jaafar
Gaby Gebrael Khaled Abd Al Razak Nathalie Tayara