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Student Council 2018-2019

Beirut Campus

Student Name Campus
Student Council
Student Council
Student Council
Architecture & Design Karim Fakhoury   Member At Large   
Karine Beydoun   Admission  
Lamis Noureddine     X
Arts & Sciences (0-59 credits) Hadi Saade President     
Hussein Abed Al Nabi Vice President     
Karim Hashem Member at Large     
Arts & Sciences (60 credits & above)  Abdullah Malaeb   President   
Karen Kanaan     X
Rawan El Mousharafieh   Curriculum  
Adnan Kassar School of Business 
(0-59 credits)
Omar Al Tannir     X
Tia Mdeihli Secretary    
Renata Chantiri Treasurer    
Adnan Kassar School of Business 
(60 credits & above)
Abdul Rahman
Nader Abou Mrad   Integrity  
Ali Abdel Baki   Financial Aid / Library  


  • Secured motorcycle parking spots (facing the Middle Gate).
  • Repaired the bathroom sink sensors in AKSB building.
  • Created a hyperlink on the student portal that enabled direct communication between the student body and student council.
  • Enhanced the Wi-Fi speed.
  • Organized a public forum with the VP of finance regarding the 2018 tuition increase.
  • Organized the 2018 LAU Graduation Party.
  • Participated in STEER-LEB program (3-year program that acts on enhancing campus life).
  • Worked hand in hand with the Business Office and VP Salem to ensure that the student employments earn their salaries on the 15th of each month.
  • Initiated a Public Visual Portfolio in collaboration with the Chair of the Architecture & Design (Sophie Khayyat) and selected instructors to showcase students’ works as a way to enhance exposure and attract job opportunities for them.
  • Collaborated with the Dean of Students Office, UNESCO, Citizenship and Armenian Clubs in organizing the Independence Day event on campus.
  • Joint effort between the student council and the Riyad Nassar Library’s office to make the 12th and 13th floor group study zones.

Byblos Campus 

Student Name Campus
Student Council
Student Council
Student Council
Architecture & Design  Anthony Jabre   Integrity   
Elie Chahine     X
Rayan Najd   Curriculum  
Arts & Sciences Chana Abi Akl   Vice President  
Edwin Feghali   Library  
Georges Jreij   Financial Aid  
Adnan Kassar School of Business Johnny Hatem     X
Lea Nader Treasurer    
Tarek El Chidiac President    
Engineering Jean Selwan Secretary    
Karl Jorgen Abbouchy     X
Mohammad Takkoush Vice President    
Pharmacy Malkon George Malkon   Treasurer  
Rana Sbeity Member At Large    
Rita Hlal   Admission  


  • Launched the social media account that hosted several competitions (@studentcouncil.laubyblos).
  • Secured discounts (restaurants, dorms, hotels, ski/beach resorts, gyms, spa …), link: https://goo.gl/pV9DTy
  • Followed up on a number of necessary maintenance request such as electric sockets, bathroom locks, light tables, etc.  all across campus.
  • Highlighted road safety conditions (restricted parking on critical roads by adding plastic blocks + more bumps to control cars speed).
  • Succeeded in recommending the Fixing and upgrading printers in all libraries and in increasing printing quota by 100 papers.
  • Succeeded in recommending an additional smoking area behind the Frem building.
  • Requested fixing the mirrors in underground parking.
  • Requested additional vending machine in the Architecture building. 
  • Requested additional microwave at the upper cafeteria. 
  • Requested fixing the slogan on Science bridge.
  • Requested the expansion and renovation of the old gym.
  • Requested the renovation of the Student Lounge.
  • Insured parking A and B remained free.
  • Requested the increase in food variety at the Cafeterias.
  • Succeeded in recommending that the noisy construction  be halted during finals.
  • In addition to some proposals that are in process.


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Riman Jurdak
Office of the Dean of Students 
Ext: 1101

Alan Kairouz
Office of the Dean of Students 
Ext: 2536

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