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Tuesday August 22, 2017

Be the first to benefit from the new student plans offered by Alfa and touch!

The plan will provide 5 GB internet, talk-time, SMS and much more for $15/month.

If you wish to learn more and subscribe, please follow this link   https://onlineapps.lau.edu.lb/phoneplan

Don’t share your password and change it regularly!

​Passwords we use daily are the key not only to your LAU email and applications, but also to your social media, phone, bank accounts, online shopping, etc… Since you might tend to use the same password for all the above services, we highly recommend that you do not share your passwords with your friends and to periodically change them to reduce the risk of having your accounts hacked. If someone else has your password, they can access your portal, banner, financial information, and even take surveys and vote in your place. 

To know more on how to change your LAU webmail password, follow this link: http://it.lau.edu.lb/faqs/change-lau-email-password.php ​

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